Escort / Tented Place Cards

Escort / Place Cards have your guests name on them and are placed together in a central location outside the reception hall to direct your guest to their respective tables/seats. Cards may be enclosed in a small envelope for an added formal touch.

Flat Escort / Place Cards without envelope   $0.75 per
Flat Escort / Place Cards with envelopes   $1.00 per
Standard Flat Cards (for use in a holder) : 3.25″W x 2″H   $0.75 per

Tented Place Cards    $0.75 per

Standard size: 2″H x 3.35″W
Small tented: 1.85″H x 3.25″W
Medium tented: 2.25″H x 3.5″W
Large Tented: 2.5″H x 3.85″W